Dapat up to RM300,000* to buy a subsale house and renovate it!

Owns two cats and loves to entertain guests on weekends


Lives close to work and elderly parents


Married with young kids


Your Dream landed home, in your desired neighbourhood


Discover a new way to own a home with our home co-ownership scheme. You may come across vacant houses in great neighborhoods, but they need renovation and we know it's costly. We want to team up with you to buy them by providing duit reno to give these houses a fresh start, personalize them to your own tastes, and make them lively again.


Partner with UrbanWave to buy a house together and get access to prime areas. You'll get upfront cash for your reno works and we'll profit share if you sell the house.

How it works





Reno & Stay





We'll buy a house together - you'll apply for a home loan.* (up to 90%)

*UrbanWave is not named on the home loan

The house must meet our requirements:

  • a landed freehold property
  • more than 15 years old
  • cleared by Nowcast, our AI-driven forecast platform

You get full occupacy rights - BUT no illegal activities ok!

You have full control over the renovation - you can even paint your house lime green if you want.

Win-win situation for us: stay in the house forever, or exit our partnership after 5 years. Just don't sell the house to your brother for RM 1 lah.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does UrbanWave work?
UrbanWave revolutionizes homeownership by empowering aspiring individuals to fulfill their dreams of owning landed houses. Through our innovative co-ownership model, we enable individuals to not only become homeowners but also secure the necessary funds for the home purchase and renovation process. Successful applicants will obtain funding to kickstart their home ownership journey. In exchange, UrbanWave will acquire a minority share in the property, becoming co-owners and partners in the homeownership endeavor.
What is the property criteria to sign up with UrbanWave?
Homeowners seeking freehold landed properties that are at least 15 years old and have successfully passed our Nowcast* evaluations are welcome to sign up with UrbanWave.
Can I buy back the shares later?
Homeowners have the option to repurchase the shares from UrbanWave within a specified timeframe. However, once this period has elapsed, they will no longer have the opportunity to buy back the equities. Homeowners will become perpetual co-owners with UrbanWave until the occurrence of a triggering event, such as the sale of the property.
Can I sell my property after I signed up with UrbanWave?
Yes, homeowners have the flexibility to trigger the sale of the property at any time, as long as the selling price exceeds the minimum home value*. This ensures that homeowners have the opportunity to benefit from potential appreciation in the property's value when deciding to sell.
What happens in the long run after the renovation is completed, and I’m living in my dream UrbanWave home?
Homeowners have the freedom to reside in their property indefinitely and have the option to rent it out at their discretion. The legal co-ownership arrangement with UrbanWave remains, and its implications come into effect only when specific triggering events occur, such as the homeowner's decision to sell the house or if the homeowner defaults on their obligations.

Have more questions? Contact us and we will be happy to answer them!